Supply of Injection Moulded Parts

Jcam can supply mould tooling to clients who have their own injection mould facility or offer a complete supply package to customers who require the injection mould stage to be carried out for them.

We have manufacturing agreements with several of the leading injection mould companies within the UK. This allows us to always find the most cost effective part price per moulding for the end client.

The mould companies in which we use to produce the moulded components have the ability to manufacture quantities ranging from 50 parts to 250k parts, offering maximum flexibility to all our customers needs.

Part size is not a problem either as we have access to moulding machines ranging from 25 ton up to 450 ton, allowing the manufacture of parts in nearly all sizes and weights.

Part Materials and uses -

The list of materials in which components are moulded is endless, however the most common are

ABS - Commonly used for everyday items including toys, medical devices.

PC ABS - ABS with added strength from the PolyCarbonate (PC).

PP - Cheaper material commonly used for lids, caps etc.

There are many fillers and additives which can be added to materials in order to obtain different colours, strengths or requirements including fire retardant uses. GF (Glass Filled) is an example of an additive which increases the part strength drastically, this can be added to ABS for example to have a GF ABS material.

Benefits of Jcam Managing Moulded Part Supply

Full management of mould supply

Most cost effective part price

Not tied to one injection mould company for parts

Flexibility to compare part costs from multiple mould companies

End product delivered to client - allows their time to be focused else where

Jcam oversee tooling to ensure the moulder maintains it properly

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