Mould tools are vital to mass produce components. Molten material (thermoplastics) transfers into the core and cavity of the mould tool, this is where the shape and detail of the final product has been machined. The molten material cools and when the tool splits/opens the final product is released from the tool.

Mould tools which are designed and manufactured correctly have the ability to run many hundreds of thousands of parts without needing attention. A tool made from aluminium (alumec 89/100) could run >100,000 parts while steel tooling has the potential to run many times that without being damaged.

Detailed tooling options and specifications including materials can be found here

Injection mould tool manufacture is our specialised and focused market. Our UK based manufacturing facility is specifically fitted with the machinery required to produce mould tools including CNC machinery, spark erosion and grinding. Combining the machinery and our experience within the mould making market allows ourselves to offer customers highly accurate, quality tooling suitable for all markets.   

Mould tools manufactured by ourselves are predominately made from materials supplied by Meusburger, a Austrian based manufacturer of plates and materials for the injection mould market. Using Meusburger allows ourselves to confidently know the materials we use for tooling are of high quality and offer a long life.

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Mould Tool Manufacture

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