Product Design and Prototyping

Jcam have both in house and external product designers who we work closely with in order to offer a complete package to customers to handle their full requirements from the product design and development stage through to the supply of the finished injection moulded components.

The benefits of are that it is time and cost reducing for clients not having to find and individually pay for product design , prototyped components, tooling manufacture and injection moulded parts. Jcam can handle it all for the client saving time and effort on the customers part. Another benefit from this method is that the product design stage works closely with the injection mould design and manufacture stage which allows the product to be designed to the best abilities for injection mould manufacture. This can result in simpler tooling and lower mould tool manufacturing costs for the client.


3D Product Design

3D Prints and initial prototype parts

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Product Development

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Product Development

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